General FAQ

Blackhatters is a private community with a collection of high grade marketing related software, tools, training, coaching, masterminding and networking all rolled into one with the intent of helping our community crush it online. Due to the nature of our products, we don't reveal deatails publicly.

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Blackhatters' tools were built for high level marketers who run paid traffic, display ads, PPC, Social Ads, etc. We have over 15 years experience developing professional software and are well known for brining some of the most innovative and high-impact money making tools and methods to the online marketing community.

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The doors open up once every few weeks for about 24-hours to invite a few select new members in before closing our doors again. We limit the size of our community and the number of licenses on our tools to better protect the interests of the community.

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If you feel you'll be an especially valuable asset to our community and waiting is not an option, get in touch and provide us with your details and we will consider it.
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